Reach for The Top Questions and Answers Class 9

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 7 Reach for the Top are
is a part of NCERT Solutions for Class 9 Beehive English. Here we have given Questions and Answers of Chapter Reach for the Top.

NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 7 Reach for The Top Questions and Answers

Part-I Santosh Yadav Class 9 Questions and Answers

Thinking about the Text

I. Answer these questions in one or two sentences each. (the paragraph numbers within brackets provided clues to the answer).

1.  Why was Holi man who gave Santosh mother his blessing surprised? (1)

Ans: Santosh was born in a small village when Holy man gave Santosh mother is blessing surprised because his mother wished for a girl. In the village of Santosh the people of  there were very consultative and had against girl child.

2.  Give an example to show that even as a young girl Santosh was not ready to accept anything unreasonable? (2)

Ans:  Santosh different from all the girls in the village she wears shorts in instead of traditional dresses with the other girls in the villages wear traditional dresses. She found objectionable since an early age she had a mind of her own.

3. Why was Santosh sent to the local School? (3)

Ans: Santosh was sent to a local school because her parents thought that she should not be devoid  for education  because no girl child from her village want how to study.

4. When did she leave home for Delhi and Why? (4)

Ans:  Santosh Yadav leave home for Delhi when she was 16 years old because parents force for marriage, So Santosh did not agree to it. So she left home.

5.  Why did Santosh parents agree to pay for her schooling in Delhi? What mental qualities of Santosh are brought into light by this accident? (5)

Ans: when the Santosh Yadav say his parents that when he could not pay the her schooling Fees ,so she do the part time job and pay there School fees.  Then after sometime his parents agree to pay the fees of Santosh Yadav.

II.  Answer each of the questions in a short paragraph. (about 30 words):

1.  How did Santosh begin to climb mountains?

Ans:  while Santosh was in Jaipur from his hotel window she saw the Many climbers climbing on the Aravalli Hills. so he thought that is starting to climbing on the mountain. This lead to the beginning of the journey to becoming a great mountaineer.

2.  What incident during the Everest expedition so Santosh Corner from her teammates?

Ans: when the Santosh Yadav climb on the Mount Everest with her  teammates.  Santosh Everest expedition she shared her oxygen cylinder with teammates also one of her mate died another one could be saved because of the Santosh Yadav helps.

3.  What shows her concern for the environment?

Ans: Santosh is an eco friendly person because when he returning from the Everest she brought back about 500 kg of garbage from the Mount Everest so it shows her concern for the environment.

4.  How does she describe her feeling at the Summit of the Everest?

Ans:  Santosh shares her feeling at the Summit of the Everest she took time to believe her on victory and the feeling took not sink in at once. This was a spiritual experience for her.

5.  Santosh Yadav got into the record books both times scaled Mount Everest what were the reasons for this?

Ans: When Santosh Yadav scaled on the Mount Everest  for the first time she became the youngest woman to reach on the Mount Everest she went there next time she became the only woman to achieve the feat twice.

III. Complete the following statements.

1. From her room in Kasturba Hostel, Santosh used to ……………

2. When she finished college, Santosh had to write a letter of apology to her father because …………..

3. During the Everest expedition, her seniors in the term admired her ………… while …………… endeared her to fellow climbers.

Ans: 1. see the villagers going up the hill and suddenly vanishing after a while.

2. she was going directly for training and not home which she should have done.

3. climbing skills, physical fitness and mental strength while working together endeared her to fellow climbers.

IV. Pick out words from the text that mean the same as the following words or expressions. (Look in the paragraphs indicated.)

1. took to be true without proof ………………………………

2. based on reason; sensible; reasonable ………………………………

3. the usual way of doing things (para 3): ………………………………

4. a strong desire arising from within (5): …………………….

5. the power to endure, without falling ill (7): …………………….


1. blessing

2. rational

3. custom

4. urge

5. resistance

Part 2
Maria Sharapova
Class 9 Questions and Answers

Thinking about the text
(Page 107)

Points of Comparison/ContrastSantosh YadavMaria Sharapova
1. Their humble beginning
2. Their parents’ approach
3. Their will power and strong desire to succeed
4. Evidence of their mental toughness
5. Their patriotism


Points of Comparison/ContrastSantosh YadavMaria Sharapova
1. Their humble beginning“She was born in the small village of Joniyawas of Rewari District in Haryana.”“the Siberian born teenager”
2. Their parents’ approach“Her father is gradually getting used to her wish”.“My father was hired as far as he could to keep my tennis coaching going.”
3. Their will power and strong desire to succeedEquipped with an iron will, physical endurance and an amazing mental…..Instead of letting that depress me, I became more quietly determined and mentally tough.
4. Evidence of their mental toughness“she politely informed them of her plans to earn money by working part time to pay her school fees.”“I would have put up with much more humiliation and insults than that to steadfastly pursue my dream.”
5. Their patriotism“Then I unfurled the Indian tricolour and held it aloft on the roof of the world. The feeling is indescribable. The Indian flag was flying on top of the world. It was truly a spiritual moment. I felt proud as an Indian.”“I’m Russian. It’s true that the U.S. is a big part of my life. But I have Russian citizenship. My blood is totally Russian. I will play the Olympics for Russia if they want me.”

Thinking about language
(Page 107)

Look at the following sentences. They each have two clauses, or two parts each with their own subject and verb or verb phrase. Often, one part (italicised) tells us when or why something happened.

  • I reached the market when most of the shops had closed. (Tells us when I reached.)
  • When Rahul Dravid walked back towards the pavilion, everyone stood up. (Tells us when everyone stood up.)
  • The telephone rang and Ganga picked it up. (Tells us what happened next.)
  • Gunjan has been with us ever since the school began. (Tells us for how long he has been with us.)

I. Identify the two parts in the sentences below by underlining the part that gives us the information in brackets, as shown above.

Q1. Where other girls wore traditional Indian dresses, Santosh preferred shorts. (Contrasts her dress with that of others.)

Ans: Where other girls wore traditional Indian dresses, Santosh preferred shorts.

Q2. She left home and got herself enrolled in a school in Delhi. (Tell us what happened after the first action.)

Ans: She left home and got herself enrolled in a school in Delhi.

3. She decided to fight the system when the right moment arrived. (Tells us when she was going to fight the system.)

Ans: She decided to fight the system when the right moment arrived.

4. Little Maria had not yet celebrated her tenth birthday when she was packed off to train in the United States. (Tells us when Maria was sent to the U.S.)

Ans: Little Maria had not yet celebrated her tenth birthday when she was packed off to train in the United States.

II. Now rewrite the pairs of sentences given below as one sentence.

Q1. Grandfather told me about the old days. All books were printed on paper then.

Ans: Grandfather told me about the old days when all books were printed on paper.

Q2. What do you do after you finish the book? Perhaps you just throw it away.

Ans: After finishing the book, perhaps you just throw it away.

Q3. He gave the little girl an apple. He took the computer apart.

Ans: He gave the little girl an apple and took the computer apart.

Q4. You have nothing. That makes you very determined.

Ans: Having nothing makes you very determined.

Q5. I never thought of quitting. I knew what I wanted.

Ans. I never thought of quitting as I knew what I wanted.


Read the passage once. Then close your books. Your teacher will dictate the
story to you. Write it down with the correct punctuation and paragraphing.
The Raincoat
After four years of drought in a small town in the Northeast, the Vicar
gathered everyone together for a pilgrimage to the mountain, where they
would pray together and ask for the rain to return.
The priest noticed a boy in the group wearing a raincoat.
“Have you gone mad?” he asked. “It hasn’t rained in this region for
five years, the heat will kill you climbing the mountain.”
“I have a cold, father. If we are going to ask God for rain, can you
imagine the way back from the mountain? It’s going to be such a downpour
that I need to be prepared.”
At that moment a great crash was heard in the sky and the first
drops began to fall. A boy’s faith was enough to bring about a miracle
that not even those most prepared truly believed in.
(translated by JAMES MULHOLLAND)

Ans: Do it yourself.


Imagine that you are Santosh Yadav, or Maria Sharapova. You have been invited to speak at an All India Girls’ Athletic Meet, as chief guest. Prepare a short speech to motivate the girls to think and dream big and make an effort to fulfil their dreams, not allowing difficulties or defeat to discourage them. Thefollowing words and phrases may help you.

  • Self confident/confidence/sure of yourself
  • self assured/assurance/belief in yourself
  • morale/boost morale/raise morale
  • giving somebody a boost/fillip/lift
  • demoralising/unsure of yourself/insecure/ lack confidence


Dear young athletes,

Believe in yourself and dream big. Self-confidence is the key to overcoming any obstacle. Surround yourself with positivity and boost your morale. Embrace setbacks as opportunities for growth and never let insecurity hold you back. You have the power to achieve greatness. Trust in your abilities and strive for your dreams with unwavering determination. Let nothing discourage you. The road may not be easy, but with self-assurance, you will conquer every challenge. Each of you is destined for greatness, so set your goals high and soar to new heights. Success awaits those who dare to think and dream big.

Jai Hind!


Working in pairs, go through the table below that gives you information about the top women tennis players since 1975. Write a short article for your school magazine comparing and contrasting the players in terms of their duration at the top. Mention some qualities that you think may be responsible for their brief or long stay at the top spot.

Top-Ranked Women Players

I. The roll of honour of women who enjoyed life at the summit since everybody’s favourite player, Chris Evert, took her place in 1975.

NameRanked onWeeks as No. 1
Maria Sharapova (Russia)22 August 20051
Lindsay Davenport (U.S.)October 200482
Amelie Mauresmo (France)13 September 20045
Justine Henin-Hardenne (Belgium)20 October 200345
Kim Clijsters (Belgium)11 August 200312
Serena Williams (U.S.)8 July 200257
Venus Williams (U.S.)25 February 200211
Jennifer Capriati (U.S.)15 October 200117
Lindsay Davenport (US)12 October 199882
Martina Hingis (Switzerland)31 March 1997209
Arantxa Sanchez, Vicario (Spain)6 February 199512
Monica Seles (U.S.)11 March 1991178
Steffi Graf (Germany)17 August 1987377
Tracy Austin (U.S.)7 April 198022
Martina Navratilova (U.S.)10 July 1978331
Chris Evert (U.S.)3 November 1975362

Ans: The tennis arena has witnessed a remarkable roster of women achievers, each reigning at the top for different periods. Steffi Graf of Germany held the highest rank for an impressive 377 weeks, followed closely by Chris Evert of the US at 362 weeks. Martina Navratilova, also from the US, enjoyed the pinnacle for 33 weeks, while Martina Hingis of Switzerland held her ground for an admirable 209 weeks. Monica Seles of the US claimed the top spot for an impressive 178 weeks. Serena Williams and Lindsay Davenport of the US also shone as world number ones for 57 and 82 weeks respectively. Maria Sharapova of Russia briefly savored this rank for 1 week. These extraordinary women toiled relentlessly, honing their skills with determination, physical fitness, and mental strength. Their talents, mental toughness, and willingness to make sacrifices played pivotal roles in their world-conquering achievements.

II. Which of these words would you use to describe Santosh Yadav? Find reasons in the text to support your choices, and write a couple of paragraphs describing Santosh’s character.

contented   determined   resourceful
polite   adventurous   considerate
weak-willed   fearful   independent
pessimistic   patient   persevering

Ans: Santosh Yadav exemplified determination, consideration, politeness, and unwavering dedication to hard work. A true rebel at heart, she defied traditional norms and sought a different path in life. Her exceptional ability to withstand extreme cold and high altitudes became a hallmark of her mountaineering prowess. With an iron will, unmatched physical endurance, and incredible mental toughness, she consistently proved her mettle. Moreover, Santosh Yadav was a passionate environmentalist, actively contributing to the preservation of nature. Her actions spoke volumes as she bravely carried back 500 kgs of garbage from the pristine Himalayas, showcasing her deep commitment to protecting the environment.

1.  Describe Maria Sharapova?

Ans:  Maria Sharapova is a famous woman tennis player in the world.  she has won the women’s single crown at Wimbledon in 2004 and become the world’s number one Tennis player in 2005.  she loves singing, dancing and reading novels.

2.  What does Maria declare to be heard Mantra of success?

Ans: Maria is a hard working women. She does not shy from any king of sepreation. She  is very competitive and best invert ever she is led by dream and becoming the number one in the world. This is the mantra of success of Maria Sharapova.

3.  How are Maria’s achievement significant?

Ans:  Maria achievement significance is the She becoming world’s number one woman tennis player in the world also make her achievement significance.

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