The Road Not Taken Summary Class 9

The Road not taken Summary in English Class 9

By – Robert Frost


Once the poet was walking down a road he found a division on at a  point. There were two different paths and he had to choose one of them he felt sorry for himself as he couldn’t travel on both roads at the same time. The poet kept standing there and looked at the path carefully as far as he could.  He was able to see the path till from where it was covered after which it was covered with trees and was hidden. Then he looked at the other Path.  He thought the result could be better by moving on it. He felt both paths were are equally good. On one road fewer people had travelled so it was overgrown with grass. The poet says that both paths were similar that morning. He decided to take the less travelled path and left another path for some other day’s journey. He knew he could not go back on the choice he had made. He says in future, he will take a deep breath and tell his experience that once he had reached such a point in life that there were two options for him and he travelled on that road which was less travelled and that had made him a completely different person. So the message is we should be wish and careful in making choices because our future depends on the choices that we have made today. 

By- Robert Frost

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