The Fun they had Summary Class 9

“The Fun They Had” is a short story by Isaac Asimov that explores the idea of a future world in which computers have replaced books as the primary method of education. The story follows Margie, a young girl who lives in this future world, and her grandfather, who remembers a time when people learned from books.

Margie goes to school every day and uses a computer to learn. She is excited when her teacher, Mr. Hatherley, brings in a computer that is more than 100 years old. Mr. Hatherley tells the class that the computer was used to teach children in the past and that it still works. Margie is fascinated by the idea of learning from a book and begs her grandfather to tell her about how people used to learn from books.

Her grandfather tells her about his own childhood, when he used to go to school and learn from books. He remembers the excitement of opening a new book and discovering new information and ideas. He also remembers the sense of accomplishment he felt when he finished a book and learned something new. Margie is surprised by this and asks her grandfather why he thinks learning from books was better. He tells her that books were more personal and that they allowed people to use their imaginations.

Margie is curious about this and asks her grandfather to show her a book. He takes her to his study and shows her a shelf full of books. Margie is amazed by the variety of books and the different stories they contain. She asks her grandfather to read her a story, and he chooses one of his favorites. As he reads, Margie becomes engrossed in the story and begins to understand why her grandfather loves books so much.

In the end, Margie decides that she would like to try learning from a book and asks her grandfather to find her one. He promises to do so, and Margie is excited to see what it will be like to learn in a different way.

“The Fun They Had” raises important questions about the role of technology in education and the importance of personal connections in learning. It suggests that, while technology can be a useful tool for teaching and learning, it cannot replace the human element of education. It also highlights the importance of imagination and the value of personal experiences in learning.

Overall, “The Fun They Had” offers a unique perspective on the future of education and encourages readers to consider the role of technology in their own learning experiences.


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