NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive Chapter 1 The Fun They Had Questions and Answers

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Chapter 1 Beehive Class 9 The Fun they had Questions and Answers

Q1. Answer this question in a few words or a couple of sentences each.

1. How old are Margie and Tommy?

Ans. Margie is 11 years old and Tommy is 13 years old. 

2. What did Margie write in her diary?

Ans. Margie wrote in her diary dated 17th May 2157 on the road today that Tommy found a real book.

3. Had Margie ever seen a book before?

Ans. This is wrong, Margie ever had seen a book before.

4. What things about the book did she find strange?

Ans. She observed that the pages of the book were crinkly and yellow, the pages of the book turn physically and the word was stationary.

5. What do you think a telebook is?

Ans. A telebook can be read on a screen and millions of books can be installed on the telebook.

6. Where was Margie’s school? Did she have any classmates?

Ans. Margie’s school was actually in a room, which was situated next to her bedroom. She studied on the computer screen, she did not have any classmates.

7.  What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn?

Ans. Margie and Tommy learn a subject like Math, History, and Geography.

II. Answer the following with reference to the story.

1. “I wouldn’t throw it away”:

(i) Who says these words?

(ii) What does it refer to?

(iii) What is it being compared with by the speaker?

Ans. (i) Tommy said these words. 

(ii) “It” refers to the television screen, in which you can read millions of books. 

(iii)  Tommy compared the television screen to the real book.

2. “Sure they had a teacher, but it wasn’t a regular teacher. It was a man:

(i) Who does ‘they’ refer to?

(ii) What does ‘regular’ mean here?

(iii) What is it contrasted with?

Ans.  (i)  “they” refer to the students who study the old school millions of years ago.

(ii) “regular” refers to the mechanical teacher, here.

(iii)  The mechanical teacher contrasted with the earlier time teacher. Who is the human teacher, who studied the student?

III. Answer each of these questions in a short paragraph of about 30 words.

1. What kind of teachers did Margie and Tommy have?

Ans. Margie and Tommy were taught by the mechanical teacher. The mechanical teacher gives all the test papers and homework, all the lessons were flashed on the screen and, Margie and Tommy had to answer the question which is asked by the Mechanical teacher.

2. Why did Marley’s mother send for the County Inspector?

Ans. Because of the bad performance of Margie in the Geography test in spite of the repeated test given by the mechanical teacher, there was seen be no progress in the test.

3. What did he do?

Ans. The county Inspector took the mechanical teacher and he set the Geography section in the mechanical teacher up to an average 10-year level.

4. Why was Merle doing badly in geography What did the County Ispertdo to help her?

Ans. Because the subject geography was set at a higher level by the machinal teacher. The county inspector slowed down the level of the geography section to suit Margie.

5. What had once happened to Tommy’s teacher?

Ans. Once this happened, the history section of Tommy’s teacher blanked completely. 

6. Did Margie have regular days and hours for school so why?

Ans. this is right Margie has regular days and hours for school because her mother said that little girl learns better when she goes regular days and hours for school.

7. How does Tommy describe the old kind of school?

Ans.  Tommy said that the old kind of school existed a century ago when the special teacher teaches all the students together in a special building according to their respective ages.

8. How do we describe the old kind of teachers?

Ans. The old kind of school existed a century ago where the teacher was human and together explain the various things according to their syllabus or subject to all the students, they also help their queries.

IV. Answer each of these questions in two or three paragraphs (100-150) words:

Q1. What are the main features of the mechanical teachers and the school that Margie and Tommy have in the story?

Ans.  Margie and Tommy had a mechanical teacher.  And they did not have to attend school to get their education.  All the subjects were established inside the mechanical teacher. 

Due to this, there was no need for books and books and the way of studying was also different.  Mechanical teachers provided homework and question papers and there was a different way of answering questions. 

And homework was also done differently.

Q2. Why did Margie hate school Why did she think the old kind of school must have been fun? 

Ans. Margie hated her school, as she was educated by a mechanical teacher.  The mechanical teacher was in the room next to his bedroom.  She used to go to the same room to do homework and to take exams, and also went to that room to get an education. 

And he did not like going to that room at all.  He must have thought that the old schools would have been fun because at that time all the students used to sit together and the teachers used to teach all the students together. 

All the students used to eat together, shout, laugh, and play on the school grounds.  That’s why it seemed to him that the old school must have been fun.

Q3. Do you agree with Margie that schools today are more fun than the school in the story? Give a reason for your answer.

Ans.  There is no doubt that today’s schools are very good.  In the story told in the school, there is only a mechanical teacher who imparts education to us but in today’s schools, there are human teachers who impart education and tell us good things. 

But there is no emotion in the mechanic teacher.  Due to this, the students are not able to develop, but standard teachers tell us all the things and explain all the questions, study syllabus, questions and good and bad ways in a good way. 

Because of this, the students develop and all the students sit together and eat, and play so that they understand. They develop.  So we can say that today’s schools are better than future schools.

Thinking about language:

Q2. Now use these adverbs to fill in the blanks in the sentences below.

1. The report must be read ……………….. so that performance can be improved.
2. At the interview, Sameer answered our questions ……………….., shrugging his shoulders.
3. We all behave ……………….. when we are tired or hungry.
4. The teacher shook her head ……………….. when Ravi lied to her.
5. I ……………….. forgot about it.
6. When I complimented Revathi on her success, she just smiled ……………….. and turned away.
7. The President of the Company is ……………….. busy and will not be able to meet you.
8. I finished my work ……………….. so that I could go out to play.


1. carefully
2. loftily
3. differently
4. sorrowfully
5. completely
6. nonchalantly
7. awfully
8. quickly

Q3. Make adverbs from these adjectives.


1. angry — angrily
2. happy — happily
3. merry — merrily
4. sleepy — sleepily
5. easy — easily
6. noisy — noisily
7. tidy — tidily
8. gloomy — gloomily

Word – Meaning :
Fun – Enjoy Exist – Continue Virtual  – Real Awfully – Fearfully Turned – Move back waste – Useless Guess – Estimate Fault – Some defect Beneath – Under Plenty – More than enough Crinkly – With many folds
 मज़ा – आनंद अस्तित्व – जारी रखें आभासी – वास्तविक भयभीत – भय से मुड़ा – पीछे हटो बेकार – बेकार अनुमान – अनुमान फाउल्ट – कुछ दोष नीचे – नीचे पर्याप्त – पर्याप्त से अधिक क्रैंकली – कई सिलवटों के साथ

The They Had MCQ Class 9

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