The Lake Isle of Innisfree MCQ Class 9

MCQ Questions for Class 9 English Beehive Poem 4 The Lake Isle of Innisfree with Answers

Q1. This poem is a type of:- 

a) lyrical

b) emotional 

c) Love 

d) Loneliness 

Ans :- lyrical

Q2. _______ is a place where he spent a lot of time as a boy

a) at forest 

b) at mountain

c) at Lake 

d) at Innisfree

Ans :- at Innisfree

Q3. Innisfree is a small ________.

a) valley

b) town 

c) lake 

d) house

Ans :- lake 

Q4. Innisfree is located in 

a) Glamorgan 

b) Ireland 

c) Island 

d) Kent 

Ans :- Ireland 

Q5. Who is ” I ” in the poem :- 

a) lake 

b) W.B Yeats

c) Innisfree

d) the small cabin

Ans :- W.B Yeats

Q6. Which place does the poet want to visit?

a) the beach 

b) the Lake 

c) the mountain 

d) a place of natural beauty-Innisfree Island  where he spent his childhood

Ans :- a place of natural beauty-Innisfree Island  where he spent his childhood

Q7. Linnet is the name of _______.

a) gray bird 

b) Cabin 

c) lake 

d) Mountain

Ans :- gray bird

Q8. ‘I will arise and go now’ where poets want to go ?

a) to city 

b) to the village 

c) to Innisfree

d) to lake 

Ans :- to Innisfree

Q9. He built ________ using clay and wattles:-

a) a house

b) a hut

c) small cabin

d) a bungalow

Ans :- small cabin

Q10. How many bean-rows will I have there

a) Infinite 

b) nine

c) three

d) none of these 

Ans :- nine

Q11. Poet wants to make _______ for honeybees.

a) a hive 

b) a bee house 

c) a honey’s food 

d) all of these 

Ans :- a hive

Q12. He wanted to live in Innisfree with 

a) his siblings 

b) his childhood memories

c) joyfully 

d) alone 

Ans :- alone 

Q13. According of W.B Yeats, life at the Innisfree is full of :-

a) joyfull 

b) excitement

c) heart touching

d) peace 

Ans :- peace 

Q14. In Innisfree, the evening is full of _________.

a) party

b) linnet’s wing 

c) dancing

c) aloneness

Ans :- linnet’s wing 

Q15. Why do poets want to go Innisfree?

a) to explore something new

b) to change the mindset at the moment

c) to feel light get away from noisy town

d) All of these

Ans :- to feel light get away from noisy town

Q16. ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ is based on:-

a) Loneliness

b) Peace and Beauty

c) Love 

d) All of the above

Ans :- Peace and Beauty

Q17. In the morning the poet hears __________ sings. 

a) bird

b) cricket

c) roar

d) cuckoo

Ans :- cricket

Q18. I hear _______ by the shore while I stand on the roadway

a) Lake water lapping with low sound

b) lovely sound

c) a linnet sound

d) a car sound

Ans :- Lake water lapping with low sound

Q19. He hears the sound in his deep  ______  core:- 

a) body

b) mind 

c) heart 

d) brain 

Ans :- heart 

Q20. Live along the bee-loud ________ .

a) house

b) wattles

c) space on tree

d) glade 

Ans :- glade

Q21. What is the rhyming scheme of the poem :- 




d) None of the above

Ans :- ABAB

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