The Snake Trying MCQ Class 9

MCQ Questions for Class 9 English Beehive Poem 9 The Snake Trying with Answers

Q1. What is the nature of the green snake who is trying to escape? 

(a) harmful

(b) furious

(c) harmful

(d) annoyed

Show answer – (a)harmless

Q2. Who is the poet of the poem ‘the snake trying’?

(a) Edward Lear

(b) W.W.E Ross

(c) Gieve Patel

(d) William Wordsworth

Show answer- (b) W.W.E Ross 

Q3. Who chased the snake?

(a) Man

(b) Mongoose

(c) Crocodile

(d) Eagle

Show answer-  (b)Mongoose

Q4. of what colour snake is the poet talking about?

(a)  Red

(b) white

(c) green

(d) black

Show answer-  (c)green

Q5. Where did the snake lie until observed?

(a) On the water 

(b) on the sand

(c) In a tree

(d)  in the mud

Show answer- (b) on the sand

Q6. Who is the snake harmful too?

(a) Man 

(b) women 

(c) children 

(d) none of the above

Show answer-  (d) None of the above 

 Q7. What is the snake trying to escape?

(a) stone

 (b) bullet 

(c) mud 

(d) stick

Show answer- (d) stick

 Q8. What does the snake glide through?

(a) mud

(b) ice

(c) water

(d) all of the above

Show answer-  (c)water

 Q9. What is our opinion about most of the snakes?

 (a) fearsome symbols of death

 (b) faithful friends

 (c) loyal to the human being

 (d) not harmful to us

Show answer- (a) fearsome symbols of death

 Q10.The snake has a _. 

(a) thin long body

 (b) thick small body

 (c) huge body

 (d) all of the above

Show answer- (a) thin long body

 Q11. In the poet’s views, the snakes are

(a) harmful to us

(b) not harmful to us

(c) enemy to us

(d) all of the above

Show answer- (b) not harmful to us

 Q12. In what words does the poet express the beauty of the snake?

a) beautiful and graceful

b) pretty

c) smart

d) handsome

Show answer- (a) beautiful and graceful

 Q13. Where did the snake go and disappear?

(a) in the ripples of water among green reeds

(b) in the bushes

(c) in a hole

(d) none

Show answer- (a) in the ripples of water among green reeds

Q14. What was the snake trying to save itself from?

(a) from mongoose

(b) from other animals

(c) from a man with a stick

(d) all

 Show answer- (c) from a man with a stick

Q15. What is the literary device used in this poem?

a) allegory

b) alliteration

c) personification

d) None

Show answer- (c) personification

Q16. What is the theme of the poem?

a) stop cruelty towards animals

b) hate animals

c) be away from animals

d) animals are dangerous

Show answer- (a) stop cruelty towards animals

Q17. What is the style of the poem?

(a) free verse with unequal lines

(b) sonnet

(c) five lines in every stanza

(d) none

Show answer: (a) free verse with unequal lines

Q18.What does the poet think of snakes?

(a) source of joy

(b) fear factor

(c) dangerous

(d) harmless animals until disturbed

Show answer: (d) harmless animals until disturbed

Q19. What does the poet wish for the snake?

(a) killed

(b) escape unhurt

(c) caught

(d) all of the above

Show answer: (b) escape unhurt

Q20. Where does the snake vanish? 

(a) in the water

 (b) in the reeds

 (c) in a house 

(d) none of the above

Show answer-(b) in the reeds


The Snake Trying Questions and Answers Class 9

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